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Clinic: Karratha GP Super Clinic; Wickham Medical Centre or ;

REFORMER Clinical Pilates

Group Classes Wickham clinic ONLY

One on one sessions (Wickham and Karratha)

*Sessions can be claimed back on your private health insurance.*

Reformers are Pilates machines that use variable resistance  set through springs and pulleys to assist and challenge the body. The variable resistance   makes the experience unique and suitable for every level of ability. There is no cheating with reformer pilates as your physio will guide and align you to ensure you are targeting the right muscle group.

Reformers will help you reach your personal wellbeing goals, if it's improving your pelvic floor post child birth, losing a few kilos, strengthing your back post manual handling injury or just improving and strengthening your body.

Everyone that participates will have a CUSTOM designed program developed by your physiotherapist to cater for your fitness and strength levels, ensure you are meeting your goals and conservatively looking after any recovering injuries.

You will need to complete a 1:1 session prior to booking in for the group classes to develop your personalised clinical reformer pilates program.

Benefits of Reformer Pilates;

1. Builds core strength
2. Lengthens and tones, creating lean muscle
3. Focuses on functional movement patterns
4. Improves flexibility
5. Reduces back pain
6. Strengthens the mind
7. Improves posture
8. Increases circulation
9. Improves muscular endurance
10. Reduces stress

If you have any questions regarding clinical pilates, or would like to understand if this is for you, please do not hestitate to contact us.

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